Our History – Founder

The history of the Goria family business goes back to 1953 Turin, when Renato Goria and Maddalena Rigamonti established what was then known as the “Capsule” company.
At that time only aluminium caps for the aperitif and spirits market were produced. It was not until the Sixties that the range of closure products was expanded to include plastic caps. With strong demand, production was moved to two separate manufacturing facilities. Aluminium closure production remained in Turin whilst a new plastics closure factory was established in Tigliole (Mandorla Region).
In the Seventies the company name was changed to Alplast thus combining the initials of the two main material components used in our production processes, namely aluminium and plastic..

Renato Goria (Founder) and Maddalena Rigamonti (Partner)

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Since joining Alplast in 1976, Francesco Goria

contributed to sales development effort in export markets and strongly encouraged the further enlargement of company’s product range by introducing new products for edible oil, mineral water and soft drinks. In 1978, a third plant was built still situated in Tigliole (Calvini Region). Over the years this plant has been further enlarged and completely transformed and is today the major manufacturing closure facility.

2nd Generation

In 1980 our founder Renato Goria passed away at the early age of 59. This date proved to be a difficult and somewhat delicate period for our company. In the same year Erminio Renato Goria began working for Alplast. He became the Administration Manager and undertook the organisation and rationalisation of the various operating departments.

This was a significant turning point in terms of both production and sales, with the creation of new departments and the amalgamation of both the administrative and sales functions into a single building, situated adjacent to the production plant.


There was a growing requirement for aluminium closures

with the market showing high demand. This factor fully justified the decision that we took in 1987 to construct a new facility to litho print aluminium closures sheet in Oggiono (Lecco).

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In the years that followed

the drive to expand and innovate never diminished and this allowed us to market the Alplast brand throughout Europe and further afield, increasing year on year the number of products offered to our many prestigious, both longstanding and new customers. In spite of our company size, with 219 employees and an annual turnover of over 41 million Euros, Alplast still retains all the features associated with a family run business supported and complemented by a team of highly effective managers. This philosophy of the “family” in all our dealings is the key to our success and is now further supported by the third generation which includes Michela and Francesca who are Francesco’s daughters and have been working for the company since 2002 and Lorenzo who is Renato’s son who joined the company in 2008.
We both are of the firm opinion that competition in the future will become ever more pressing, and to successfully deal with this challenge, companies will need to focus hard on their competitiveness, their quality and service.
However we are still convinced that the most successful strategy to adopt is to maintain strong customer and supplier relationships at a time when everything around us is tending to become that much more impersonal.

Goria Francesco

Chairman and General Manager ALPLAST S.r.l.

Goria Erminio Renato

Chief Executive Officer ALPLAST S.r.l.